Pitch Scan - Save
Weeks of Analysis time

Instant Pitch Analysis: Transform Weeks into Minutes with AI.

Comprehensive Analysis Automation

Automatically evaluates critical elements like market size, team, competition, and go-to-market strategies, enhancing the precision of your investment decisions.

Weeks of Time-

Streamlines the entire review process, from initial analysis to follow-up, saving weeks of manual work with instant, AI-powered evaluations.

Deep Due

Conducts thorough background checks on founders and validates key data points in pitch decks, ensuring the credibility and accuracy of the information provided.


Generates tailored follow-up questions and automates communication with startups, including personalized feedback and decision emails, facilitating a seamless interaction process.

Quantitative Scoring

Provides a detailed reasoning and scoring overview for each analyzed field, offering clear, actionable insights and a standardized assessment framework to compare potential investments.